Audio Chews IP Hang Up

Hi Admin,

In the last few days the Audio Chews site keeps hanging up and I get messages back saying site closed or IP address fault.
Now I also had this problem on other forum sites a few month ago, it came to light that they were under attack by hackers.
Oh the same problem also occurs at times on the NVA , Pinkfish, AOS forums not checked Hifi in a Tent forum.
All seem to be based on the same SW structure maybe a problem with phpbb can you please check.



  • I'm getting similar issues Col', e.g. Being told told that the site isn't live and being presented with an archived view if the site from about a week ago.
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    I have had the "live" return a few time and on other sites.
    I wonder what is going on and it seems on common site software designs.
    Are they all on the same Host? i.e. in Germany.

    Again the site comes up
  • whoops!

    I know what that's about. but i don't know why it's happening  

    Leave it with me.
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    I'm not sure about the 'site closed' or IP address fault, although I do know we get a lot of spamming which I've set up measures to exclude automatically, otherwise I'd spend all day and every day deleting false accounts and spam posts. Presumably this is also the case with the other forums, but on a much larger scale.

    Maybe we're suffering a big boost in spamming/hacking attempts. There's nothing in the stats to indicate this.

    Audio Chews does not run on phpBB. We use Vanilla instead, so that's not the issue.

    Chews is hosted in the UK. I don't know where the others are hosted.

    Cloudflare is a caching service which is designed to speed up the forum. If it's causing problems, I'll probably have to switch it off, which is a shame because the forum seems to be running better with it on.

    How is the forum at the moment? Is anyone experiencing problems?

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    It seems that there are some reports on the the Vanilla site that it doesn't play nicely with Cloudflare.

    I've switched it off. Can everyone keep am eye open for any problems. If we're not seeing any over the next few days, then we know the probable cause, and I'll uninstall Cloudflare completely.
  • So far so good, it is faster now also.
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    No problems since you waved your wand Dave. Good work.
    BTW, this seems likely to be the best time for me to crow bar in a shameless link to my new website. Apparently every little link helps...
    And a big THANK YOU to Dave for all his guidance, time and help in this.
    =D>   ^:)^

    Not in any way hifi. (Tho' I sometimes bash up some drums with the kids at work.)
  • It still work, thanks Dave can you fix a few other also?? :D
  • I can make websites all luvverly - just cross my palm with silver. Then I can buy an air ticket and run for it :-)
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