Audirvana+ is Computer Audiophile's Readers' Product of the Year

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Just noticed this. Proves we A+ users may not have cloth ears ;-)


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    Just noticed this. Proves we A+ users may not have cloth ears ;-)
    ...or that computer audiophile have!  :D

    It's a bit odd to think A+ has only been around for a year on full release (I think we got on board earlier with beta versions - hence the low price). The fact is, Damien has done a bang up job with updates and bug fixes this year to produce what is likely the most stable MAC music player (outside of iTunes), debatably one of/the best sounding players, and the only one that allows seamless integration with the industry standard music library manager (iTunes again). All this, and it's one of the cheapest players to boot. It's a well deserved accolade IMO.
  • Damien says he is aiming to have A+'s own library management in place sometime.

    Now, that would be a great thing if it's as good as the rest of A+.
  • That will be thing to behold. He will have competition from JRiver now, they are bringing out a combined Mac library and audio player, though it's not even at beta yet. About time the big fruit had some competition when it comes to itunes!
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