Okki Nokki RCM

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I have just bought a white Okki Nokki record cleaning machine (with lid) and I am so pleased with it, once I had mastered how much cleaning fluid to apply it is simple and quick to use.
I like the fact it rotates in both directions, the soft brush seems gentle enough and the overall build of the machine is quite robust.
Once the fluid has done it's job the vacuum sucks the dirty liquid off the disc very effectively.

To be fair I've always used an anti static brush and stylus cleaner, making clicks and pops a rare problem, however, now records definitely look and sound cleaner and certainly more revealing, with the Okki Nokki and new inner sleeves it makes me feel I'm preserving my vinyl collection.

regards  Al


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    I love it, it is a non digital non Apple kit.
    How much was it?
  • Hi Brain Dead,

    £449, £399 without lid, a few years ago I used a VPI which was about £1,600 and the Okki Nokki appears to do exactly the same job.
  • I love it, it is a non digital non Apple kit.
    How much was it?
    what's wrong with Apple?????
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    Straight to the core again Dave I see, well it is full of digital thingy's 0&1 things no linear at all, and white.
    Now 100A at 55V at frequencies 5Hz - 500Kz with changing phase is much more fun, and the smoke is a nicer colour from Royds, honest.

    Thanks Al
  • Is that the colour smoke that means we have a new Pope? :-)
  • Buy nice clean microfibre cloths - then give a few turns holding them lightly to remove any final bits of moisture left by the suction bar.  The Okki Nokki is a great machine I love mine.
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