How to digitize your LPs

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Red rag to a bull time, folks!

Don't blame me, but I thought you people on the dark side might get something from this how-to


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    You will get flac for this Dave  >:) and Wav of emotional nrf's 
  • Ouch!  =))
  • By hand. It's the only way. I've been working on Giant Steps for a couple of years (just for you Dave). I'm currently 1.7 seconds into track 1.
  • Thank you for your hard work Ben. I'm sure it'll be worthwhile  8-}
  • We'll see. I've noticed an apparent change in key and tempo via my bespoke conversion. Actually John sounds like he's playing a toilet cistern. We'll see how it pans out.
  • He looks a little flushed, too.

    I hope it's not a chain reaction.
  • That was quick Dave.
    Awful, but quick.
  • Ben your system sound good but the possibly to drop bits and cause the jitters will be high.
    We could use a hammer and re-assemble the disc using the "In provability Drive" which is just as fictional as any other digital lie.
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    That was quick Dave.
    Awful, but quick.
    Awfully quick  :-D
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