"You don't get this with digital..."

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"...having to move my arse off the source just because my nostalgic prat of an owner wants to enjoy some old choons..."



  • Cats they are all stuck up like that just like Linn LP12 owners, and digital lie collectors. Meeow  ^:)^
  • Pah! Back to yer bunnies and TTs Col!

    My cat wants to get in the HiFi cupboard desperately, she is so nosey. I bet she'd love it with the hot amp!

    Ben - I love your kitty. They make a house into a home. (OK, their home admittedly..)
  • I'm really struggling with understanding what those things are in the photograph  ;;)
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    Both make noise and require a lot of maintenance.
  • Oh, I thought I was allergic to both (true).
  • Which produced the worse itching?
  • It takes some perseverance to get a stylus to track correctly on a ginger one...
  • Which produced the worse itching?
    Hard to say... They're both pretty awful.
  • I tried using the TT to slowly roast cat under BIG A CLASS the noise was horrid but the cat burger was OKish. >:) >-)
  • Class As always sound horrid, don't they?

    So someone said ;-)
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