That Colin from TQ

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came to visit us over the weekend and what a thoroughly decent human being he is - he bought us some plonk, some Somerset cider and everything :-)...though we did feed him veggie crap for tea every night so his opinion of the visit may be somewhat different!
Roll on Fete de la Crepe when hopefully he can make it over again.


  • Yeah. He's alright 'inni?
  • Yeah. He's alright 'inni?
    Not bad for an old fella:-)
  • Did he work you a SECA?
  • Iridium...plumbed in at the moment but not had a chance to sit down for an extended period with it unfortunately.
  • Swoon!

    The 20 watter?
  • Yeh, looking forward to listening to it.
    It's a hot bugger so no need to have the heating on :-)
  • That's Class A forya!
  • Colin of TQ...? I read on Gwlad Rugby Chat that he's current favourite to start at number 8 for the Lions in the first test vs Oz.
  • Stu the grub was great Kids are great I had a good relaxing time.
    Shame we could not enjoy the Cider with you but the juice and tea was lovely.
    Now to get that nasty tooth bashed out with a A Class Amp. If it quick I may not notice the pain. he he 
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