The Star Trek & Star Wars Thread

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I'm shocked and disappointed (with Alan) that Star [Trek,Wars] doesn't have it's own thread - shame on you!

So continuing from the other thread....
The casting on the new Treks was utterly pant-wettingly super cool, I do agree (Dr McCoy is my fave), and I am just slightly ultra-jealous that you saw 'into darkness' in 3d at iMax... BTW, in a public service spirited suggestion, people going to see the new film should watch the original sequel (wrath of Kahn) first, as the crossovers and references are very clever indeed (and quite affectionate).

J.J.Abrams is doing the new Star Wars sequels I believe, so I hope he will do as excellent a job there as he did with Trek, perhaps even righting a few casting wrongs. And murdering Ja Ja Bunks, hopefully. I hear he dropped Disneys first idea, which was cartoon musicals... (D'oh! peaceful co-existance between 'Trek and 'Wars, and I ruined it! It was going so well, too!)
Regarding IMAX, what happened was Carol and I planned a trip to London for the launch of The Hobbit to watch it on the BFI IMAX at Southbank - the biggest IMAX in the UK (yes we are both super geeks). Anyway, one of the trailers was a special extended trailer of the first 10 mins of the new Trek film. Obviously it was awesome, and frankly we'd lost interest in The Hobbit by then and just wanted to carrying on watching that. In the end we were rightly disappointed with The Hobbit and we vowed by the Staff of Yoda that we would only watch the new Trek film on IMAX - and boy was it worth it.

Now, talking about murdering Ja Ja binks, which is obviously something I always wish for when I blow out my  birthday candles, WTF is going on with this guy - seriously! :

He's like an Ewok that escaped Return of the Jedi, realised with justifiable self-loathing that he was too sickly cute and cuddly for a cult SciFi movie and stuck his head in a vat of rotting anti-matter...


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