'eadphone amp and 'eadphones

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I'm needing a headphone amp and a pair of headphones for use in my shared office (as opposed to my home office).

I don't want to spend a lot - I'll be listening to AACs and MP3s in what can be a bit of a busy environment - and I haven't owned a pair of headphones for donkey's, so I'm wondering what I should buy.


  • I use a pair of Shure SRH440's Dave. They're about £75 online. Sound great plugged straight into my MBP.
  • So maybe I don't need a 'eadphone amp?

    Less crap is good.
  • So maybe I don't need a 'eadphone amp?

    Less crap is good.
    So the Listen can come home then to Somerset.  >:)
  • Maybe I'll take it into the office :-)

    Seriously, I've never used the Listen as a headphone amp.
  • Better idea.

    I'll have another one for the office :-D
  • Oh poo I have lost another one. Have a HE version loads of power will drive speaker to 5W.
    Trying to fit an Atom and a Listen in the Jag, plus a 3D TV, OK so I cant see the road, but could I before ? NO so what the hell. At 140MPH the road flashed by anyway so what would I miss. (not a lot) 
  • Race yer!
  • Col, send him the new listen already. I'll take that old thing off his hands.... :-*
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