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I notice a some Dispicable Me avatars. Who's seen DM2, and how good is it?


  • I saw it in 3D, FWIW.

    I thought it was as good as the first one, a rarity in my experience.

    BTW, as only one person twigged, mine's Dave the Minion ;-)
  • Thanks Dave. My son's a huge fan of the 1st one (which i thought was the best kids film i've ever seen with him), so I will look forward to taking him to the sequel.
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    The first one was amazing I loved it I have it in 3D and Dave leaps at you from the TV and demands you buys tickets to Audiochew. Will Doors is also in the movie so I took his avatar as brain dead as minion was taken.
    I want to see the number 2 my daughter as promised to take me. The other good one is "How to Train your Dragon". Great for kids.

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  • Saw it. Was relieved, if not delighted. The novelty of the first one was an important quality, so not sure if the sequel could ever be quite as good. Enjoyed both.
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