Hi Guys!

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Hi Guys
My name is Dan and I'm a reviewer for Hifi Pig, I was the one who was lucky enough to get the world exclusive on the recent launch for the Cyrus Sig products which I see Stu linked to here.

I was invited over by Alan after buying some headphones from him and after some help from Dave (thanks both) I have now managed to create an account and post for the first time.

Apart from hifi my other biggest interest (apart from women and alcohol) is F1. I ill make one request regarding this - please ent advertise results here any earlier than those of us without the F1 channel get to see it on the highlights :)

Look forward to chipping in to ur discussions

All the best


  • Dan - welcome to the nut-house.

    I completely concur wrt F1 results - never been a problem yet though.

    Now there is at least one other F1 fan here, it may be time to get an F1 thread going? :-?
  • Agreed and posted!
    God he's taking over already! He's only been here 5 bloody minutes....
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    Good luck with the F1 thread, and welcome Dan.
  • Dan leave now whilst you can, it the twilight zone here, once here they never let you go.  :(
  • Back in your cage, pet audio designer!! >:)
  • Blood in blood out is it?
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