Hifi Pig Reviews

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Rather than clogging up the main forum with updates on new reviews I thought i'd pop them all into one place in Chews. Hope that's ok, guys!

First up is a review I've been waiting for for a while. I heard the German Physik Unlimited Mk2 speakers in Munich and was really impressed by them. Jerry, as you know runs the omnidirectional MBLs and so we thought a comparison with the omnidirectional GPs would be in order. They're not cheap at just shy of nine grand but they seem to do a lot of things very well indeed. Have a read of what Jerry says

Second up is right at the other end of the price scale. The Mistral DT307 is a hybrid amp that costs just 249 quid and offers 25 watts a side. Dan put the little amp through its paces and enjoyed what he heard. Review is here


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