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R141 is the innocuous resistor that can be removed to lower the gain on Hypex nCore modules. Tonight I thought I'd try and remove it - big mistake. I managed to remove it on the first amp, but on the second one I dislodged one of the solder pads to which the resistor was attached. When I plugged the amp in I was greeted with a loud pop through my speaker followed by lots of white noise. Rather than bugger it up further I've emailed Hypex to see if it can be repaired. If not, that's a quick way to blow over £250 worth of amp module. :-\"

Soldering iron safely packed away now.


  • Indeed Dave. Hypex sent me a trace diagram, but the module is so small it requires a microscope to see the traces. I've sent a begging email asking if they will look at it for me!
  • Fingers crossed...
  • Hoping for you James!
  • Well, Hypex are not going to fix my amp claiming that I've invalidated the warranty by dismantling the amp in an attempt to repair it myself. It was never my intention to claim via the warranty and I pointed out that this was my own error. They've said I will need to buy a new amp module (I think not).

    Very annoyed. It took them four weeks to reach this conclusion which they've not communicated via email (I logged into their RMA system to establish what was happening). I seriously doubt the amp module is beyond repair - indeed it still plays music, albeit with pops and crackles.

  • Fantastic customer service. Not.
  • After a rant at Hypex they kindly repaired my amp free of charge.  I'm now back listening in stereo  =D>
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    Maybe they read this thread ;-)
  • Result...however convoluted!
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