Claymore as phono stage

edited January 2014 in Analogue
Something of an embarrassment of riches here at the moment... Which is proving useful in unexpected ways.
My TT front end has been playing up recently (lots of humming from the speakers). I haven't really been able to check out what part has been to blame.
With the Claymore's phono stage available to ascertain that the cart and TT are fine and that it is the NVA phono 2 that seems to be ill.
Anyhoo, I've got the TT plugged into the Claymore now and then the signal coming out of the tape output and into the pre and on to the ID25. So my vinyl is now back in business! :-)


  • It is probably a silly thing with the NVA I am sure your friend Dick can fix it send it back for a over haul.  >:)
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