Hello from Northwest Analogue

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Hi to everyone. I have a small but passionate business repairing, restoring and modifying turntables and tonearms. Please have a look at the website www.northwestanalogue.weebly.com or email northwestanalogue@hotmail.co.uk
I look forward to making some new friends on here, and will give out advice if I can.


  • Welcome Dom

    Hope you enjoy this place.

    I've seen your threads over at Lenco Heaven.  I like the Gallery on your site, you seem to do thorough work.
  • Hi Dom

    Welcome to Audio Chews. I'm sure your knowledge will be helpful to many here.

  • Thank you for the warm welcome
  • Hi Dom - welcome to this little corner of the www, hope you enjoy it. Just had a gander at your website, some nice stuff there - if this 401 comes off I may well be on to you to give it a look-over. :)
  • Hi Gromit. Thank you. I take great pride in what I do. I consider my customers as friends and always keep in touch to see how things are, that's the way I am. There will be some major developments for the business very soon. I am designing a new solid slate plinth system for heavy platter Lenco's and will do away with any metal chassis. There will also be a Mega platter for said Lenco made from solid granite to compliment the slate plinth. This will be used with a much improved main bearing, the only Lenco parts remaining will be the motor and idler wheel. This deck will wipe the floor with anything upto £20,000.
    Also soon will be an all new 12"unipivot tonearm.
  • Hi Dominic, A belated welcome from me. It's a pleasure to see expertise shared & friendships growing out of it, we hope 'Chews will become known for this sort of thing.
  • Hi Alan and thank you. I too hope to make some good friends from this forum and others I post on.
  • Swapping my Audio Chews Admin's hat for my Day Job Hat for the moment - I'm an online marketing (SEO) person - developing friendships is the way to go to develop your business online (at least through social media like online communities). 

    Anyone trying to sell explicitly through social media tends to get dialled out by other users. So it's good to see where you're coming from. We're keen that industry people contribute here on an even playing field with the rest of us - that's why we don't flag you guys up as something different.
  • Professionals in this field particularly are enthusiasts - on that basis any pro is welcome. In fact, the added expertise makes such members as Dominic and whoever else more valuable.

    Most forums have had to adopt a harder line in support of their disgruntled membership following the outrageous spamming and shilling campaign by one company in particular & it's fans a couple of years ago. I don't see why we would need to follow suit.
  • Well. The Audio Chews Boot will be exercised on sight of anything like that.
  • I don't fancy a size 10 up the proverbial!  I'm here to join in with the chat, offer advice and if people want to use my services that ok too
  • Not aimed at you Dominic. In fact, not aimed at anyone in the present membership. So far, Audio Chews has been just as we hoped it'd be.
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