Hello from a new dealer!

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Hello everyone,

I don't _think_ I'm breaking any rules by introducing myself as a forthcoming new dealer here, but I won't mention my location in my posts yet, just in case. 

My new showroom is nearing completion, and I have a confirmed profile of mid to high end brands I'll be opening with, but as I'll have the luxury of space, I'm investigating more unusual products too.  

Has anyone experienced anything around the world that really should be on shelves in the UK?




  • Hi Mike

    Welcome. You're not breaking any rules with your post.

    Just tell us some more!

    I'm Dave, BTW
  • Hi Mike

    Welcome to 'Chews, it's a kind of mid to high end place! Where's your showroom going to be?

    As for what you ought to stock, I think you should go for Steepletone - the only choice! ;) Actually, our very own Stu ( @Stupinder ) should have some decent ideas, he runs HifiPig and is always trying stuff which is obscure to us parochial Brits!

    Best wishes for your new project, I hope it works out well for you.
  • Stu is the the champion of the ultimate in high end amps. An exclusive brand that makes the others quake in their boots. Nothing else for him but Audio Stoat.
  • Hi Mike

    Come on spill some more beans!

  • Mid- to high-end; but very low class we are I'm afraid...
  • Hello again, everyone.

    Apologies for the slow follow-up - a busy weekend with commercial property solicitors.

    Dave - thanks for the interest and confirmation of no rule-breaking on my part! 

    Alan - thanks for the Steepletone recommendation, but I've committed to a full profile of Lloytron, so that area of the market is covered.  I went for Lloytron as I believe their kit used to be built near where I'll be (Cambridgeshire).   

    I will be recruiting over the next few weeks, and there's a full and a part-time position on offer, so if anyone knows anyone, please PM me on here.

    As I'm dealing with solicitors, commercial estate agents, the planning department and finally, builders (for alterations), I can't confirm exactly when I'll be open, but I'm optimistic it'll be in the spring.  I'm cagey on the address due to a change of use being necessary at the premises, so if the planners won't allow me to operate from there, I'll need to find somewhere else, but it will be in the same area.  Objections are becoming less likely as time goes on, but I was let down catastrophically last year with another building, so I've no ideas how many chickens I'll have...... [-O<

    More news as I have it!

    Best regards,

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