Superbowl anyone?

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If you like American Football, this should be a great one, two great teams steeped in history going head to head, with two of the best quarterbacks currently playing.

It will be tight, but I think Packers over Steelers by 3, 27:24 maybe.

11pm BBC1 for those in the UK, or on Sky Sports 1. The only pity is that the coverage is by Fox this year.

For those who do not know American Football, it is 'A game of rugby between two teams of motorcycle couriers', I wish I could remember who said that. My personal description 'Chess with violence'.



  • I didn't see it, Jamie, but thanks for the head's up. I once heard a comedian decrying American Football in comparison with rugby, pointing out the Yanks 'were probably sissies' as they needed all that armour! (very brave from a distance....) He than rounded off his comparison to rugby by saying American football was like competing in an Olympic swimming event in a boat!
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    The Black Eyed Peas at halftime were truly awful, probably the worst halftime show ever. Christina Agulera yowled her way all around the national anthem without actually singing the tune, and even better sand one line twice.

    The game was great though, especially as The Packers won.

    The thing people who compare rugby with American football miss is the speed of the game, also the rules are so different. It is a far more dangerous game to play, tacking is allowed off the ball, players over 300lbs can sprint and tackle in the short bursts of action.

    It is that tactics of American football that are a lot of the appeal, but they are almost as complex as chess, so are very hard for a beginner to follow.

    I do like the Walter Payton award for charitable work by a player before the game, that is something other sports could take note of.
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