What Kind of Audiophile are You?

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13 Types of Audiophile.

Edit: Colin says he got a load of crap advertising and stuff from this site. Nothing for me, but you have been warned ;-)


  • Possibly:
    1. The Happy Commenter...?
    But almost by elimination.
  • ...And is that Suzy6toes in the photo for 3...?
  • Non of those on that site, and I did enjoy the Knorr Pop Ups,  X( X(
  • Non of those on that site, and I did enjoy the Knorr Pop Ups,  X( X(
  • It loaded me with adverts for food products then the AVG said it was not a safe site.
    Check temp files and it had 103 file from that site all active, all gone now.
    Not good site.
  • None of that when I browse it. I've just checked.

    Sorry about that Col
  • Reading that lot, I have my suspicion confirmed that I am not a real audiophile after all...

    Fun to identify some forum characters with those caricature though.
  • You're the first missing category, the DIY-er.
  • More an ooh-er-er.

    I am a recovering audiophile, this place should be renamed 'Audiophiles Anonymous'. I am merely a music lover seeking a closer connection with the music. (Repeat x25 every morning and evening).

    The shakes are starting to subside now, but if they come back I shall have to build or modify something fast! I think my amps need another heatsink on each channel.
  • More Coffee keep shakes going, it's the only way to dance.

  • I'm a 1 with (if I'm honest) a dash of 13 added. :)
  • Never! :-)
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