Hi everyone

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I'm a member on a few of the other forums but like what I see on here so thought I'd join and say hi!



  • James,
    Hi. Welcome.
    Please could you write a bit about your musical tastes and hifi kit?
  • I currently have some JPW Monitor Golds and some Loth-X which I'm currently restoring and which will be my main speakers. Lovely efficient things they are.

    I currently have NVA LS1 speaker cable but unfortunately at the moment no amplifier (see my other post). I've also got a Sony PS6750 TT which I'm waiting to fire up when I get an amp and phono.

    As for music I like Nick Drake, Fink, Agnes Obel, John Martyn etc
  • Thanks James.
    I'm sensing some well loved kit there. :-)
  • Welcome James

    I'm Dave ;-)
  • Hi James have fun.
  • Nice choons! :)
  • Hello James :)
  • Hi James, from one chew newbie to another. :-)
    Enjoy a little Nick Drake myself. Though not when I need cheering up!!
    Suzy6toes (aka Helen)
  • I enjoy a little Nick Drake now and again, especially when covered by Brad Mehldau ;-)
  • I've got nearly all the Nick Drake albums on LP but haven't got my Sony PS6750 up and running yet due to missing an amplifier, phono stage and cartridge.

    Only a few bits to sort out... :-O
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