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I usually post on Pinkfish and was invited to subscribe here because there may be some interest. My name is Adam and I am now the director of Royd Audio. For those of you who do not already know me I am an industrial designer with a history of involvement in Hi Fi. I do not for one moment compare myself to the genius of Joe Ackroyd, however I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with people of equal talent, a gifted audio engineer and a production engineer. Between us we have high hopes to carry on Joe's legacy. 

I have for some time been working hard behind the scenes to bring this beloved brand back to life. Sadly the old company has long gone however I am lucky enough to have taken hold of the brand and the mark. In the coming weeks we will finish testing and development of a loudspeaker design that will launch with a new website. It will bring the brand bang up to date and should be a familiar sight to those that already own Royd loudspeakers.

We considered very carefully if we should or could offer a repair and service to existing Royd owners but at this stage it isn't financially viable for us. What we are considering is for the new design to be available to existing Royd owners first and the opportunity to trade in their existing speakers regardless of condition if they wish.

It's an exciting time for me and one I need to take very careful and deliberate steps over so as to be sympathetic to Joe his speakers and all that he achieved with the Royd brand. I've launched a teaser website with a news letter sign up, this will be the best way for you to get the latest updates about Royd. It can be found here:

I wish you all well.


  • Royd with a ribbon tweeter? Interesting....

    It's great you joined up, Adam. Please tell us something about the people you are working with, and your interest in music/hifi?

    Are you planning to re-produce some classic Royds, develop new models with similar philosophy, or develop the pre-existing designs?
  • Adam,
    Welcome to 'chews. :-)
    As you suggest, your introduction will interest many here. (I think I'm one of the few people here who don't own a pair of old Royds!)
    I sense that you are very keen to present a respectful distance between your revival of the brand and Joe's reputation; that you are aware that you have in your hands something seen by some as being very precious.
    I wish you all the best with your venture. Exciting times!
  • Welcome Adam

    I can't wait to compare your new Royds with my RR3s.


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    Very interesting... look forward to hearing more about the speakers & more importantly how they can hold up to Joe Ackroyd's best. :) 
  • Could you tell us a bit more about the speakers?  Assuming 2nd order crossover on the ribbon and either a directly coupled or 1st order driver?  Have Royd speakers been involved in their development as a reference?  What about your favourite Royd speakers?  Very interesting development by the way!
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    I'm so sorry I haven't posted earlier, It's a busy month! In answer to some of your questions it was important that I emphasised my respect for Joe, his designs and his hard work to build a brand many love. Equally important was that we introduced a new speaker that lived up to the quality of previous designs but that stood apart and moved the brand forward. I work with a very gifted audio engineer who has been involved in audio industry for several decades and was instrumental ensuring the performance meets our expectations and it has "boogy". I can't say too much at the moment but the design will take it's cues from a Royd speaker that I felt summed up the philosophy of the company.

    I have a signup form on the website that will add you to my newsletter. This is the best way of being the first to get an official announcement for pricing, availability and photographs of the new design. A new website will launch when the loudspeaker is available, currently aiming for the end of July but it's a little "elastic" at the moment.
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