NVA stuff for sale...

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Just been testing some boxes that don't get enough use any more.
All seem to be working and sounding fine :-) and just need a polish now...


Before I put them on ebay in a couple of weeks thought I'd mention them here in case anyone's intersted. As I say all are in fine fettle and going cheap before they get on ebay...

NVA AP30 integated amp (no phono internal phono stage): £200
NVA Phono 2 phonostage with twin PSU: £340
NVA P90SA preamp (when the stepped attenuators are adjusted there is a soft contact click): £320

All prices are for cash on collection from my home in Gloucester.
Postage will add to the cost obviously and I haven't looked into that yet.

I'm really enjoying dusting off the old vinyl...! I'll be keeping the PL-71 in safe storage for future nostalgic moments.


  • That AP30 will be a cracker for the money. In fact it is! I just remembered I used to hear this very amp frequently at a friends.

    Best of luck with sale Ben!
  • Thanks Alan.
    And you with yours...! :-)
  • Replied. :-)
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  • Try now...
  • PM sent.
  • Thanks. Reply sent. :-)
  • Reply read ;-)

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    Here are some better pics...

    Of the P90SA

    The Phono 2 with twin PSU:
    From a certain angle, with direct light shining on the PSUs, with the wind in the right direction and with an 'A' in the month some surface marks (from over jealous wifey polishing...?) can be seen on the lids of the PSUs (this is the absolute worst I could make the more marked one look)...
    Change the angle slightly...

    Here's an old pic of the AP30, I have since refixed the lid so it sits flush to the front and back panels, I'll try to get a pic later today and replace this one...
  • P90SA and Phono 2 now sold.
  • Well done Ben.

    That reminds me, I have a Phono 2 and Twin power supply to sell.
  • This stuff is no longer available for sale.
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