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After the sd1 failure, now what do you think about quad esl63 to partner the seca 20 w . I have used 57's with it and was impressed what's your thoughts on the bigger brothers ? 


  • Is it the TOCA SECA 20W (like mine)?
    I don't know the 57s or their bigger brother especially well.
    My only hook into this specific question is your previous interest in the SD1s, and large speakers (like me! :-) and your SECA amp).
    We did have a bake-off here with some SD1s a few years ago...

    I am very pleased with my current big Goodmans Goodwoods, tho they have been significantly pimped up...
    No idea how they compare with the 57s in sound...

    In any event Chris, it would be good to have more big speakers here...Whatever you choose, av it large! :-)
    All the best.
  • Well they arrived today and my word i thought mt 57's were transparent but
  • It's odd, the ESL57 is a beloved speaker yet many who love it hate the '63 - saying it lost the 'magic'. It seems a polarizing speaker, but one which has amazing abilities.

    I have heard (and I loved) the '57s, I would love to hear the '63 as well.
  • 57 excel in the mids as we all know but the 63 in my opinion is better overall through the whole of it's range. It is better re seating being not as directional and far easier to site.
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