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Was having some issues with my media PC a couple of days ago, and decided to take the drastic step of reinstalling Windows. Blimey, what a shame that's not something I do every week... ;-D
In the meantime I've been using my reliable old workshorse of a vanilla Dell laptop for audio. Absolutely nothing special about this machine. Just bottom of the range Dell all in one package (which incidentally I've always found very reliable and good value). The Dell already had JRiver on it (so that my son can use it as portable DVD file player). I installed Asio4All to give the hardware a better chance of doing something decent, and then simply used the bog standard headphone socket with an off the shelf 3.5 > phono lead into the TOCA SECA.
I must say that the result was far far better than I expected. Admitedly I was struck by how the trebble sounded both more rolled off and abrasive than I'm used to, and the bass sounded both less deep and more lumpy. Made me remember why computer audio has a bad name with some folks. But, the DELL was entirely listenable from the off, and perceived differences obviously lessen as familiarity grows. Midrange was good. Sounds were discrete in the soundscape. I was actually enjoying its company last night as I wrestled with the finer points of Windows re-installation. :-)
However, having just put the TFS back in, the improvements brought by well configured PC hardware are gleefully smacking me in the face. Trebble is so sweet and sparkly, bass is so smooth and deep and chiselled (giving the TOCA plenty of field in which to stretch its legs). In fact everything is smooth and chiselled.
The Dell's back to internet and Office duties. But, my life is now full of the confidence that comes with knowing that if worse comes to the worst, I have a servicable player on the subs bench. ;-D


  • NVA vs Dell - NVA wins! :-)
  • Fair play, Jason knows his onions.
    £1400 v £379 too in the NVA v Dell bakeoff, so they're rightfully not cheap onions.
  • I hope they're not tear making onions ;-)
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    Oddly, perhaps uniquely, I find myself listening to Sibelius. Really enjoying it.

    There's a triangle that's getting struck from time to time. It must have been near to the mic. It's not loud, just really clear and sweet. Sorry I've gone all audiophile... I give myself permission as there's a link here. Obviously once the TFS and the TOCA do their part of the deal, the sound moves on to the RFC/Goodmans.Now, I know that Paul put a lot of time into selecting the new tweeters for the Goodmans (Monacor DT300) which presumably do most of the front of house triangle action...AND...I've always thought that RFC Paul looks a bit like Sibelius...

    image there in the end.


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    Worryingly so. I'd say!

    There is truth in reincarnation :-)
  • May be we need a lookie-likie thread...?
  • Go to it Cap'n!
  • Absolutely not because I always get matched with Sissy Spacek in Carrie :-(
  • Absolutely not because I always get matched with Sissy Spacek in Carrie :-(
    Regrow your hair and you're on...


    "It had been an evening of little event, so Suzy6toes decided to check out activity on 'chews..."
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