Minor interference

Was fiddling with my media pc this week, including shifting around the order of the ssds therein (don't ask).
Unthinkingly i rerouted the red sata cables around the other side of the motherboard. Didn't even register in my awareness.
I noticed over the next few days that there were intermittent soft clicking, ticking, static pfffting noises coming out of my left speaker. Barely audible more than a metre away, but exactly the sort of issue that rots an audiophile's soul.
In the end i lifted the cover on the pc and remembered my cable rerouting.
After i relaid the cables as they had been prior to my fiddling, the minor interference disappeared.
Not sure what was being picked up by what, but relieved that it's sorted, and a bit worried that my listening pleasure is vulnerable to such tiny issues!!!
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