Colin is live on the Web

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The first stage of Colin's personal site is live now. 

There are some nice images of his gear over the years - and there's more to come.

If you don't like the site, blame me - and I'll ignore you of course! :-D


  • Great work Dave. Thank you, really enjoyed reading through. Love all the archive stuff - a good place to start for the site. A real scrap book to be proud of for Col.
    Somewhat clumsy cropping of some articles in places, mind. ;-p

    Personal point of interest for me: The ID25 article stated it's single ended, which is not what i understand it to be. Would be grateful of a definitive statement...
  • Thanks Ben.

    The cropping is only on the gallery pages. Just click on the thumbnails and you get the full image.
  • Thanks Dave.
  • No worries.

    Maybe I should say you have to click to see the full-size image.
  • It may be more self-evident on the full site....?
    I've only viewed on my iphone.
  • I'll check it from my phone.
  • That's my Oberon photo on there.  I may have to give you a cropped version to take some of the office background out...
  • Please do. I've just put up the images Colin gave me, and I imagine he's long forgotten where some of them came from.
  • What dimensions do you need?
  • Any size you like.

    The theme shrinks the main pic down to a thumbnail, so maybe 500 or 600 pixels if the quality stands up.

  • Sod it, leave it as is, shame I don't have a better photo of it without all the crap in the background.
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    There are a couple more pages up on Colin's site.

  • I recognise that mug!!!
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