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Was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago, and Suzy's post in the "Listeining to..." thread prompted me to post this.

As I'm sure was the case for many, in my truly formative years (ie teenage) music was woven into my socialisation. Tunes were anthems, musicians were both the writers of godspells and my leaders, other humans who followed the same bands were my tribe, my peers.
Many tunes, musicians and fellow teens probably had no right to be any of those things, but that's what it felt like.
I clearly remember one Jesus Jones gig in Bristol (c1990?) when I felt part of some great dynamic and positive collective. A seething mass of humanity bouncing up and down to what was clearly (at the time) the most perfect musical performace ever witnessed.

Who else recalls similar moments of intense connections with, or through music...?

EDIT: After a bit of t'interweb research I can confirm that the gig that I am recalling was: 28th of October 1990 - Bristol Studio, Bristol, UK (With: Ocean Colour Scene)


  • Oddly, I have no recollection of that utterly awful video. ;-)
    (Great tune tho! ;-p )
  • Being rather anti-social, I dont have loads of gig memories. But plenty of nostalgic ones about the importance of pieces of music. I'll restrict myself to boring you with 2 of them:

    my best friend of over 20years and I didnt like each other when we met. We avoided each other in the corridors for a year. Then one day I overheard her singing this:
    she has a beautiful voice, but got a lyric wrong. I corrected her on the lyric. We looked at each other indisbelief that we might have something in common. Sixth months later we were house sharing!

    the other is from a few years after that. The man who would become my husband had no voice from having spoken so little for several years. We used to sit for hours in silence listening to his rather fine hifi (I'll have to ask him what his amp was then, I remember the speakers were the NADS I've posted on before). But the tunes I remember from that time were all Cocteau Twin ones:

    Feel the need to give both of them a big hug now 
  • So many...

    The best gig I ever saw was Weather Report in 1980/1 at Birmingham Odeon.

    I also remember a John McLaughlin gig at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park in 1978, which had some amazing moments.

    Bouncing around to loads of Two-Tone bands in Birmingham.

    Reggae gigs in Birmingham.

    More recently, Ornette Coleman at the Royal Festival Hall, with the unforgettable reuniting on Ornette with Charlie Haden, playing Lonely Woman.
  • Tangerine Dream at the Kursal Southend was amazing my ears stopped working for a week.
    It was so loud the Fire Exit sign fell of the wall.
    Went with my friend Mike from Youth Club, he is  now my children s uncle now.
    And Joe Lost plays Glen Miller great music nasty man was Lost. At the Albert Hall, my second visit as the other time I was on Come Dancing with the BBC he he what a joke now, Come Hoping would be better now poor old sod.

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