The death of one my musical heroes...

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Genuinely sad to read about the death of Jack Bruce.

For the past 24 years he has been my biggest inspiration as I have continued to struggle to learn to do something approximating playing bass guitar.
His playing in this one especially was something that fired up my imagination when I was 17.



  • A great loss, Ben.

    I'm surprised your idol isn't someone more funky, though.
  • When I first started playing in bands I hadn't really got into funk and the 70s. It was all 60s stuff (The Beatles, Cream, Hendrix, early Fleetwood Mac) and late 80s indie (Roses, Carpets, Mondays...).
    Hence the bass players that I listened to in those formative years would be Jack Bruce, Noel Reading, Paul McCartney, John McVie, Mani (of the Roses). I'm not sure to what extent I listened to these bands because of the bass playing, but fortunately, listening to all of those guys now, they are all clearly good IMHO. Bruce, McCartney and Mani especially.
    Nowadays I would add Steve Scipio of Cymande who I discovered a few years later, and who is at least a bit funky. And very good IMHO.
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