Wilco Johnson

So nice not to write 'RIP' after a name...

Wilco, who you may remember was on his farewell tour due to terminal pancreatic cancer, has been cured. Partly responsible is oncologist, audiophile ('topoxforddoc' on pfm) and photographer Charlie Chan. What great news!


- from Glousterhire Echo.


  • A good news story indeed. :-)
    I must confess, before this story i had never heard of the guy.
    I don't understand your credits. :-/
    May be i'm losing my mind.
  • He is the incredibly talented and utterly unique guitarist with Dr Feelgood. A nice symmetry there I think.

    The credit was for the article and picture which appeared in the Glaustershire Echo.

    As for Charlie's background, it's largely explained in the newspaper article. More background available here: http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?t=163649
  • Thanks for filling in the gaps in my understanding Alan.
    You are the only person in my life who does this. :-)
  • Make sure you watch 'Oil City Confidential' next time it's on TV . One of the best music programmes ever.
  • It is good news. 

    I Tweeted it, but for some reason didn't put the news on Chews ;-)
  • Great "good news" story.  Charlie's a lovely chap.  Dealt with him a while back for advice on some lovely old vintage speakers he has.  Glad to read of something like this...it makes a pleasant change from the usual doom and gloom the media likes to report on.
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