Is anyone here good with graphics?

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Hi all, I could do with some help. Trying to create a new web site at the mo, but need some assistance creating a logo. I have a very basic one but need it making better and web site friendly so to speak. Can anyone help?


  • Hi Dom

    A good mate of mine does this.  I'll PM you his details.
  • Thank you Jim. Was hoping to offer a service of some kind as payment.
  • Hi Dominic

    I might be able to help, no problem if you already have made plans.

    Here is a page of artworks I have done to keep my hand in with design. I work in film and TV effects now, but I studied graphic design and typography, as well as film for my degree.

    I did all the design and authoring on my website.

    You can drop me a line through the contacts page on my website if I can of help.

  • Jim, can ordinary members send each other PMs (private messages), if so how?
  • Hi Jamie, I have mailed you.
  • Up the top of the page is the menu.  On the menu should be inbox.  Select and over on the right it says start new conversation which is Vanilla's choice of word for PM.

    I've sent you one so your Inbox should have a highlighted 1 next to it.

    And your website looks nifty mate, some nice work there.
  • Just check Bump and RD is reading.
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