Phil Rudd, Aussie drummer with AC/DC has been arrested in NZ on charges relating to methamphetamine possession and procuring murder. He is reported to have tried to arrange the murder of two unidentified men.

AC/DC release their new album next month, but Phil Rudd did not feature in promotional shoots or music videos recently shot, for reasons cited by the band as a 'family emergency'. Although this preceeded the charges brought against Rudd, it seems hard to imagine a future AC/DC with Rudd in it's lineup.


  • This morning, the BBC reported that the most serious charges have been dropped, but the others still stand.
  • The new album sounds great, it's just a shame about the behaviour of Rudd although it seems not uncommon when looking at what other bands/band members have got up to.  Drugs & all the evil that stems from them seem to be the common denominator with the lifestyle for some.  Brian Johnson seems to be pretty solid though.  I enjoyed the series he presented on cars, broadcast on freeview recently.
  • Now AC to DC use a bridge like ABBA!!!
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