I've spent part of my day swapping utility suppliers, trying to get more for less money: PLI, Broadband & phone, gas & leccy, and contents insurance.

I have used AA for contents insurance for about 5 years now, with no complaints. They don't seem bothered by high value items overly, I certainly don't have to itemize my HiFi for them. This year they paid out a good sum for my Mac after it broke, so overall very little to moan about.

My first ever quote from AA was £70 for all my contents. With each renewal it has crept up, this year it was £131. So I shopped around, and found a cheaper quote. For£60!! With AA!!!

An 'expressive' phone call ensued, during which my details (which I had submitted on a price comparison site) had to be amended slightly, but I was still offered a revised price of £81, saving me £50!

So check your renewal when it comes to your contents insurance, it pays!


  • My mate Big Darren, he knows a bit about insurance. Could do you a deal. He'll even bring his mates round to collect the premiums.
  • I shop around a lot for utilities and car insurance, but for some reason, not so for contents... Thanks for this Al...
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