Royd Doublet mid / bass driver

Hello.  Been a while but I'm back :-)

I'm looking for a replacement driver for a nice pair of Royd Doublets.  I've been in touch with Phonogrpahy and PFM but to no avail.  If anyone has any suggestions I'd be keen to learn of them.

All the best,


  • Hi Andy

    How are you these days?
  • Hi Boss.  I'm OK, thanks for asking.  Life sometimes just takes a while to sort itself out, as you hinted in your last msg to me.

    I left hifi alone for a few years and enjoyed just the music.  Now enjoying hifi again and find self wanting more Royd speakers [fancy RR3s actually], not that I'm in anyway disappointed with Merlins in the kitchen.

    All the very best,
  • Life never sorts itself out! :-)

    The music has to come first, so good for you!

    RR3s are good. You missed Alan's pair a few weeks back.

    Hope to see you around here more.


  • I did just see Alan had an add that looked like sold.  They would have been purrrrrfect I suspect.  Never mind, the journey and all that malarkey.
  • Yup. Alan's went without too much bother, I think.

    I suspect you'll struggle to find a pair locally as they rarely come up for sale.
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