Audirvana 2.0

Anyone using this yet? I didn't even know it was out, which shows how much attention I pay!

This is the full library management version, so potentially it's goodbye to iTunes. Discounted upgrade price is £48, I'm given to understand.

I have an older mac so I may not bother for the time being. I also heard the interface is very 'computer-ey', which rather puts me off if I'm honest.

I'm curious to know if I'm just being a grumpy old man! Trouble is, the current rig works fine.


  • Same here. I hadn't noticed either.

    My Mac is an older one, although it looks as if it will run Yosemite. My Core 2 Duo MacBook Air is running Yosemite with no problems in only 2Gb RAM, so it'll probably be OK in the mini.

    If I do drop iTunes for music library management, I'll have to see if my ancient G4 Mac will run a copy of iTunes that will manage and share my video library.

    There's a bit of research and trying stuff out before I can make the leap, by the look of it.

    I hope someone here has made the jump, too.
  • Last night I downloaded the trial of A+ 2.

    So far, so good, but I think it's designed to run on a later version of OS X, so I'll be installing the latest Young driver and updating to Yosemite over the weekend.

    I'm then going to make my office iMac my Apple server, sharing my iTunes library around the house.
  • What a faff with uninstalling the driver - the AppleScript provided by M2Tech doesn't work because it doesn't wait for the Admin Password to be entered. 

    I think I have it sussed, though. It looks like I need to have a look at one section of the script and paste individual Unix commands into Terminal.

    It's a good job I'm not scared by this stuff - I may not understand it entirely, but I can feel my way through it.

    My next DAC ain't going to require a driver!
  • Well, I seem to have uninstalled the old driver, but the new one isn't working.

    This evening's task is to find out how to uninstall the new driver so I can reinstall it. Arse!
  • My sympathies...
  • Thanks Ben.

    It looks as if Yosemite isn't happy on the old Mac mini. It slows down from time to time.

    So I think it's Plan B - you didn't think I'd be stupid enough not to have a Plan B, did you?

    I thought I'd mess around with a conventional HD in the mini. I have my SSD still in the old white MacBook with an earlier version of OS X on it. I'm just going to slap that in the mini and see how well A+ 2 plays with it.

    Might have to be the weekend ;-)
  • SSD safely installed in the mini.

    All seems happy to me. My freebie trial ends Thursday, so I'll have to try to break it by then ;-)

    The main house iTunes seems very happy running on my office iMac, so it's all good for the moment.
  • Hope you get there mate. I've left my setup well alone for ages as it works fine...

    I've always used terminal for uninstalling Young drivers, sometimes I've had to take two or three goes (with restarts) to nail it.
  • I have got there, I think.

    With the SSD from the MacBook, everything seems to be working well. I'm not planning to upgrade to Yosemite, but I may buy a bigger SSD and install Yosemite on the new drive.
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