JRiver on a Raspberry Pi?

As Raspberry Pi launch a quad-core model and Microsoft announce Windows 10 for it, there are some interesting possibilities.


  • I think the possibilities are fascinating, theyll continue to make wonderful media servers for sure. Yet with such small power consumption and tiny form factors, the must surely earn a place in many systems as DSP room correction devices. Even as active crossover unit with room correction built in as part of a multi amp setup?
  • I keep thinking of grabbing one to play with, but don't really have the spare time. I know of at least two Raspberry Pis that have fallen into disuse after an initial burst of activity.

    However, this quad-core model is more of a 'proper computer' than the earlier versions.

    I wonder if anyone has written active crossover software for the RP. Just a mo', I'll ask my friend Google. Seems there is. There's some reading to do.
  • Interesting product!
    I'm learning fast...
  • It is. And lots of very clever people working with it.

    Trouble is, lots of the stuff they're producing still needs more knowledge than I have to get it working. Early stages and all that.

    There is what looks like a really nice audiophile player that looks pretty easy to get up and running, and that's what I'd like to try. If the RP is not good enough for the main system, then I'll put it somewhere else in the house.
  • I'm finding loads of hi-fi related RP stuff. Not just software.

    Here are some add-on boards, including rather bizarrely to my mind, a Class D amp board.
  • I just found out that JRiver do a version of MC that runs on RPi - they call it IdPi ln microSD. I'm going to try it soon.
  • Oops. Missed this, Richard.

    But I'm not a JRiver fan sound-wise when it runs on other platforms. I'd be very interested in what you think of it when compared to the other more well-known options on the RPi.
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