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Hello everyone it says introduce myself so i will.

My name is Daniel i have been into hifi for years been through so many amps,speakers,cd players and turntables i've lost count and cant remember most of them some where very expensive  and some not,anyway i came across a Magnum mp250 pre with a seperate PSU custom made by Colin not many where so feel privileged to have it and 2 Magnum MF 300 stereo power amps,1amp to run tweeters and the other to run the bass and tell you what tbh they are the best amps i've owned very nearly sold due the missus moaning about the amount of boxes and cables but i just couldn't do it couldn't get anything else in my price to match them for sound and build quality so they are here to stay. My cd player is a Rotel 991 very good it is too infact very good CD player,my speakers are im not going to tell you as they are embarrassing sound ok for what they are but really are not fit for my system should be on the end of a marantz amp or something like that. So very shortly i will be taking delivery of a pair Spendor SP3/1R2's rigged up to the Magnums hopefully will sound really nice as the Magnums have plenty of drive and power,I will getting another turntable soon but i'm keeping that quiet for now when i have it all set up i will take a picture and post it on here,so all my components will be British. My music taste's are very varied, Pink Floyd,Yello,Muddy Waters,Crosby Still's and Nash,Oi Va Voi,Credence Clearwater,The Doors,Massive Attack. Really most psychedelic rock form 60's &70's and other stuff. Well hope that gives you a little insight into a new person on here hoping to enjoy this site as it seems very mature and grown up :)  Thanks.  Floyd


  • Hi Floyd/Daniel

    Welcome to the Seaside Home For All Things Wonfor ;-)

    Those aren't the Spendors Colin had for sale a while back, are they?

    Mature & Grown Up? Quick, look as if we're always like that :-)

    Tell us how you get on with the Spendors.

    I'm Dave, BTW.

  • Cheers Dave for sorting that :) yes they are the Spendors from Colin.
  • Hi Floyd! :-)
  • Hello Dan lurking at last, have fun.
  • Thanks Col,yep thats what it's about having fun
  • Hi Dan, welcome! Nice little system there, with really decent amps you can really boogie with quite modest speakers!

    I completely dig your music list!
  • Thank you Alan yes the amps really do belt it out when needed but tbh i dont need to turn them up high they work lovely on low volume :) best amps ive ever owned and been through loads :/ glad you like my taste in music t really is quite varied :)
  • Hi Floyd,
    Ah, a bit of Credence, Loverly. 
    Will be popping out in Brum to see CSN (and their carers!) on stage this autumn.
    Welcome :-)
  • Hi Suzy,
    I saw CSN at Bournemouth last year and they are brilliant and tell you what Dave Crosby can still belt it out his voice is so strong and amazing he could teach some new singers a thing or two on how to sing!!
  • excellent news. have never seen them live. looking forward to it even more now :-)
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