Colin came round today

edited March 2015 in Members' blogs
Today Col and his Missus and delivered a box with speakers in Spendor sp3/1r2's and do these speakers rock i cant write a review im not a reviewer just going to tell you how i see and hear it.Bags of bass and bass weight with such attack in fact the whole front room was vibrating and such a sweet top end plenty of detail,imaging out of this world and man what a mid range like makes you want to dribble and go all gooy and melt in your chair these speakers really are something else these speakers tell it is as it is nothing added nothing taken away just the truth. Anyway back on track it was a pleasure to meet Col today even if was thrown in at the deep end lol my step daughter,gran daughter and my mum  and even my cats lol anyway they all said what a nice chap, hope  you enjoyed your cappuccino Col see you again real soon. :)  Thank you again Col for bringing speakers to me.


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