Grado SR60

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I just bought a decent pair from a 'Wammer for £30. Very nice indeed, I've been enjoying them a lot this morning on the end of my Samsung phone, playing a Radio Paradise 24bit stream.

They impart a beautifully fast delicate sound, they handle detail really well. There is nothing in your face about this presentation yet they command attention to all aspects of the musical performance. The SR60 seems to have lovely texture and tone added to which are a superb speed and attack. A well balanced sound indeed. Bass is perhaps slightly colored but absolutely fine (though I could understand some may feel it lacks absolute depth) and the top feels light and natural.

I last had Cans a while back, some similar budget AKGs. If memory serves I find these Grados much more enjoyable and light handed, not stamping a signature all over the music.

I notice these are open backed, so not altogether private when listening then. However, I look forward to hearing them driven by a decent headphone amplifier one day, hopefully one will be included in a Pre-amplifier I'd like to make with Colin. I imagine some single ended class A through the Grados will be a match made in, er, Sarf london actually!


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    Here is a picture scraped from teh internetz, replete with alien bug look!

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