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One of my HDs just died.
I've lost some Bluray movies, but no huge head-ache. The OS SSD and the SSD with my music on are fine (and backed up).
The busted one was an old 750GB HDD one that I salvaged from a broken laptop a few years ago. As it wasn't a SSD it's always made a bit of noise. (Just before it died this morning it sounded like it had taken up the maracas...)
I'd like to replace it, and wondered what people think the best options are. I could simply buy a SSD and stick that inside the TFS (it can accomodate 3 at the moment), but I'm wondering how others store their music and movie files, possibly externally...?
All thoughts happily considered.


  • I use a NAS drive. It's a comparatively expensive option, but gives a lot of flexibility, protection for your data and good capacity. 

    There are cloud storage/streaming options coming out which look to be very cheap, on the face of it, but I'm not sure I'd like to entrust all my collection to the cloud.
  • Thanks Dave.
    The NAS option is tempting. But, I don't think I need its functionality. At least, I couldn't make use of it currently. The closest I need to get to that is playing files over my phone which the JRemote app on my iPhone can do from the TSS through the wifi network (via compression of course). I only have one system really.
    And, call me old fashioned but like you Dave, I don't feel comfortable going all cloud. Though it may be worth looking into that as a back-up and/or to experiment with...
    I think I'll go for an SSD drive for now. At the moment 500GB ones appear to be offering the best GB/£ ratio. Amazing how fast these things move. When I last bought a SSD 2 years ago it was the 256GB ones that worked out best value at pretty much a 1:1 GB/£ ratio, nowadays it looks like I can twice that much storage at half the price!
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