A slot in Audio Chews for discussing movies/DVDs/Blu-rays

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Well, I put my TV/Blu-ray through my hi-fi, so it may even not be off topic  :-S

Anyway, seen any good ones recently?


  • This thread will be like the football one for me. Rarely watch TV or films I'm afraid.
  • There is a football thread???  (:|
  • Yeah, someone mentioned it to me - haven't noticed it myself :-D
  • I hope no-one minds too much but I'd like to start the ball rolling. Not a film, blu-ray pr dvd but a TV series - now on Sky Atlantic but in my case downloaded. 'What is it?' I hear both of you shout. Boulevard Empire, an American series set in Atlantic City at the time of prohibition.

    It's headed up by Steve Buscemi who plays 'Nucky' Thompson, gangster and brother of the Sheriff. The first episode was directed by none other than Martin Scorsese who is executive director for the entire series. His attention to detail is extraordinary and the story line superb. Violence, sex, greed, duplicity, post-war stress, jealousy, gang rivalry - all form part of this incredible story. If you get a chance to watch it, I urge you to do so.

    I am not connected to the making or distribution of Boulevard Empire and have no commercial interest in it. But I wish I did!
  • That sounds good. Always a sucker for Scorsese!
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    I do blurays, so I'd go along with a Bluray section.
  • Well, get posting, then! ;-)
  • I think it is a very good idea, I have seen a healthy 'What have you watched' thread elsewhere.

    'Boardwalk Empire' as mentioned above is pretty good (Sky America), and the third season of 'True Blood' (FX) is excellent, playing with the ideas of politics, revenge, ancient cultures and race.

    On the DVD front, watched 'The Sweet Smell of Success' (1957), Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis, good, but a little dated now as Curtis' performance is a bit too energetic, Lancaster is excellent though.
  • Sorry sorry sorry! I meant Boardwalk Empire not Boulevard Empire. Thanks Jamiel, I really must copy check more thoroughly.  :0&
  • went to see that black swan film and just didnt geddit at all !!   :-?  anyone else seen this wierd film ?
  • True Grit - superb wessie
  • went to see that black swan film and just didnt geddit at all !!   :-?  anyone else seen this wierd film ?
    yes, my wife and I went to see that as we both love Portman. It was very depressing but in a pointless way that didn't inspire or provoke any thought. Portman was awesome, but I never ever want to see that film again!

  • How about 127 Hours - now that was inspiring, and superbly directed by Boyle

  • yep agreed................Due date is worth a rental for a good laugh.
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