Ive been offered an incatech for £250 working perfect,but would it better my Magnum mp250 pre with seperate psu and Magnum mf300 power amp? Better as in sound and everything else?


  • Hi Dan,

    Colin would say yes , could you get a demo?

  • No way i can get a demo
  • The Claymore's a great amp. I wouldn't part with mine permanently.
    Haven.'t heard the ones you've got already tho...
    £250 is more than I would've expected. Not saying it's not worth it tho....
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    "Reluctantly up for Auction due to having to much hifi!- Designed by Colin Wonfor, this Integrated Amplifier represents a fine example of High Fidelity Engineering. From the classic early/mid 80's era of newly emerging Specialist British Audio manufacturers, which would go on to compete with the Japanese on equal,& better terms. Cost would have been £345 back in 1985,& so a substantial outlay at the time. 

    Cosmetically 'The Claymore' is in Excellent overall Condition, the minimalist fascia panel being particularly noteworthy (photo' images don't do this justice !) Three pairs of the RCA inputs Phono,CD & Aux/tuner. - The Phono stage/section is (twin) switchable between MM & MC.This option being located on the underside of the chassis.

    Rated, at around 45-50 watts output the Amp' gives the impression of even greater Power,due to its High Gain Mosfet design (I actually had to utilise -10db in-line attenuators via the CD input to 'tame' the signal !) This is a common on these amps.

    Also, there is a Headphone Jack located on the Rear Panel. This though, can only be utilised, when the Loudspeakers are Disconnected ! (later models were fitted with a switch) Something of an inconvenience then, if Headphones are to be used on a regular basis.

    This comes in an original box which is somewhat battered but ok."

    As a matter of interest the first CD did not produce 1V out so when it was made it was OK, fitting a internal 47K in series with the CD socket allow the use of new  CD with 1V out.

    The headphones did not ever have a switched fitted by Inca Tech, but was a bodge by others.

    Also ask has he got the circuit diagram for it. And has it got the original Inca Tech Gold Plug on the mains. If not offer less money.

  • He is a bargain for somebody.


    Fab amp. Absoutley love mine to bits. (As does Suzy6toes!)
    Love even more that you care so much about your creations and their integrity Colin. =D>
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