Interesting session

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My mate brought his Rega mira 2000 round last night and we put it up against my magnums i cant write reviews so i tell it as it is, well it was very close i was quite surprised by the rega it was very valve like very smooth nice top end and a nice controlled bass nice and seem to have bags of power ,the magnums had more attack and i felt the top end on the magnums was quite sharp compared to the rega,detail retrieval i felt was the same bass was just about the same. Goes to show some of these amps kicking around can be quite surprising. Probly pointless putting it on here but just thought i would share this experience. But i still love my magnums but if anything happened where i had to change amps then i know what i would go for.


  • But my Magnums are going nowhere anyway even the missus loves them after she sat down and listened to them.
  • Reassuring to know there's other satisfying options out there.
    Never heard the Regas...
    Also, good to know you've got the missus onside over the Magnums. :-)
  • Yes because if i did have to sell the magnums i thought what could i replace them with and how much is it gonna cost for same same sound quality and build in todays money i would be looking at loads,she sat and listened to some floyd and turned round and said dont sell those amps :) !!
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