Building Colin's SECA kit



  • Paul (Quickie) were the fuses you kindly sent me a while back 2.5A ones...?
  • Don't fuse, dear!
  • No Fuses are in they have been playing music loud, very loud.
    Heatsink compound yes but not too thick it is not cheese spread, as some folk think (Yes U bad man he he ) he never going to live that down,(not Ben) :D :D :D
    Yes the spreader should work well linking plate together if not let me have size you need.
    Best Him that Wonf bloke.
  • Thanks very much for these pics Colin, they will be very helpful with my build. Will you be doing the same for the dynamic PSU board? It would be great to see pics of the transformers, dynamic PSU and amp boards all wired together.

    Apologies if I've missed it, but can you recommend a transformer we can buy from Farnell?

    Thanks again, James.
  • Ignore my transformer question Colin, I can see it specified in the BoM. Thanks.
  • James have you got all the info you need?
    When will you fire it up?

  • It will be a while before I can fire it up as I've been slow ordering the parts. Just ordered parts for PSU boards. There are a couple of codes not recognised by the Farnell website and a couple that are no longer available. I'll email you with the details.
  • All done thanks James will help a lot.
  • Hi Col

    Do you have an updated bom with the alternative parts. I'm back from summer hols now and hope to finish off my build.

    Cheers, Si
  • I'm gathering myself to begin the project. X_X
    The ready-made boards are on their way.
    I will order the case and heatsinks from that Italian modushop place.
    I'm thinking about toroids. I'm wondering if people could advise on a good place to order some...? Colin has advised me to get 18V ones.
    Also, any thoughts on internal cabling...?
    As always my gratitude is on stand-by...
  • Hi Doc. The toroid item code on the Farnell website is 9532838. This is the 18v item specified by Colin in the BoM. I've got these and most my other bits here now. Just waiting for one more Farnell delivery plus the case. I'll need to make up my boards, but then we are at same point so can help each other muddle through the build.
  • Thanks James. That's really helpful.
    And yes, my intention is to progress through the build in a muddling fashion.
    I'm in awe of your confidence in doing circuits and embarrassed by lack of skills and confidence!
  • No gents no I will only to pleased to help so no muddling please. The Ben one will be easy a hammer and superglue a wee bit of blu tack and its done.
    James your will take longer sorry.

  • OK. Have ordered a few things this morning. Case & heatsinks, toroids, thermal contact, blutac, short length of string etc.,...
    I notice that on the full BOM there are things towards the bottom of the list that are not directly related to the PCB (connectors, phono inputs, etc.,...). Which of these will I need given that I have gone for the ready-assembled boards?
  • You will need the 4 way plug for your transformer secondary leads (presuming your boards have the socket fitted)
  • Thanks Paul.
    By which you mean this...?
  • Thats the socket that will be on the PCB

    You need the plug. Will find p/n
  • FEC: 3881933
  • Crikey I'm useless.
    Thanks Paul.
  • I don't think its listed on the BOM

    Just noticed the pics of your board.

    You will need two for each PCB (the other is for the output/ground.
  • Thanks Paul.
    4 ordered! :-)
    Really appreciate your assistance on that one.

  • Yes the plug are fitted but you will need the socket and then no soldering of transformer etc simple,s
  • Ben I have put input socket on the PCB with plugs and screen cable so just solder to Phono sockets.
    In post in the morning, have fun.

    Best Col
  • edited August 2015
    Thanks Colin.
    I really appreciate your going the extra mile.
    (You make my role in this sound so simple...)
  • It is I did all the maths.
    He he he 
  • Looking forward to how people's builds develop
  • Toroids and sockets arrived from Farnel today... \:D/
    Impressive that they get them out on a bank holiday... Good service. =D>
  • My case arrived today. I still need to place a final order with Farnell then I've got everything here.
  • What case did you get pic;s please best Col
  • Dirty to jump on the bandwagon, but I'm in a similar place in my build. Pcbs nearly all populated, just need to order component shortages. Case fitted with toroids, phono connectors and speaker terminals. Hardest part is drilling and tapping heatsinks to mount pcbs and output devices. Broke M3 tap yesterday need more! Are there any build guides for the psu pcbs? Not sure whether to fit them initially or wIt and see what difference they make later.

    Cheers, Si
  • Hi Si,

    The difference is very noticeable Sondale Alan has already fitted maybe he could tell us more.

    Mount SMD first, then small R,s then the big ones. Caps and semi power device last.

    Now you can by TAPTITE M3 and M4 so you drill a hole 2.6- 2.8mm and screw the M3 in and the M4 use a 3.8mm drill this works fine but do deburr the holes after drilling.

  • Make sure your taps are nice and sharp and they go in square.

    Plenty of lube (WD40 works well) a turn or two, then back off half a turn, and you should be fine :)

  • Thanks for the help guys. Soldering and electronics I'm ok at. Metalwork never was a strong point! Psu pcbs 80% populated. All smd done just some caps I couldn't find and semiconductors to go. Can't wait to hear it but also want yo take it slow and not make mistakes.
  • YouTube is excellent for demo videos.
    The biggest tip I could have given myself when I started building stuff a few years ago is to take it really slowly and be really patient with myself.
    I used to want to get it all done in a couple of days, and that was without any electronic experience, which would cause too many puffs of smoke :-O
    Fortunately time , experience and help from others is valuable.
  • Great advice all round. Thanks.
    Are the M3 or M4 ones best? Or do I need both...?
  • Depends where you're going. And sometimes the M1 is a better bet - especially when you're heading north.
  • Dave, I considered a similar remark, but it was rejected at second reading for "being a bit a shit". :P
  • Nah. This is Audio Chees, where posts don't have to stand a second reading :-D
  • Ben use the M4 TAPTITE to clamp the bracket on your PCB to the heatsinks, 4 should be OK one in each corner.

  • I'm using the modushop case with integral heat sinks that Ben linked to earlier in this thread Col.
  • Nice, just a thought. Send pic's

  • I was thinking of documenting the whole build process from bags of components through to working amp Col. This will probably be of benefit to users like me who embarking on their first amp build.
  • James, that's a great idea. As you know from the dddac thread on DIY Audio, the documented builds and upgrades are slways extremely helpful, and interesting for those who are not building.
  • Colin,
    M4 it is.
    I only now notice that there are different lengths of screw. Which (6, 8 and 10mm (12 currently not available)). Which would you consider most appropriate?
  • Dave,
    I pay my editorial team a lot of money to make sure my posts are completely and utterly perfect in every conceivable way. I'll be damned if my posts don't get a 2nd, 3rd and even a 4th reading!
  • Anyone,
    Any good source for feet...? (Sorry if repeated, etc.,...).
  • You've lost weight Dave.

    How about something like these (cheap and cheerful):

  • Lost weight? If only...

    Actually, I prefer these:


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