Sovereign's New 40W SECA Class A



  • Hi Paul, no sorry to say. The old girl is throwing a strop. Colin has taken her home for a good slapping !!!
  • The OP Amps that control the current are doing a latch hard trick, I fix it on Sunday or it will smoke he he :((
  • Can he fix it ?

    Yes he can !! :)
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    He did it works, or is it "Its alive" just few mistakes and two dead transistors.  
    45W 0.5Hz - 60KHz in 8R.
    I real beast slew rate looks fast 500V/us +THD 0.00001 or less.

    James remind me about screws fixing, fixed now with M3 much better and removed burrs.

    >:) :D %-(
  • Sounds like great news,
    Break down your findings in leymans terms
  • Case is ready, all connectors are in, Just got to bolt on the feet and put a nice finish on the middle section of the front.  Not 100% sure about the exposed heatsinks, it will start to look the business once I start stacking three amps on top of each other.
    Just need to see when I can get me boards from Colin.
  • The exposed heat sinks look completely and utterly cool.
  • Cheers big ears
  • Those doughnuts look yummy, too  8-}
  • SHE IS ALIVE !!!!!!!
  • Excellent !
  • SHE IS ALIVE !!!!!!!
    And eating passers-by, so I'm informed.
  • I'm out tonight at a black tie event, but I'll have do have a late night session tonight and report back
  • Colin and I had a 15 minute listen before he had to go and I had to get back to paperwork.
    First impressions were of a BIG sound, loads of deeps bass which was controlled and fast and at times hit you in your chest.
    Loads of detail and a huge soundstage, yet really defined. The top end was a bit on the slightly over emphasised side, I can be really sensitive to this and I'm not too bothered about it as I'm sure it will lessen as the amp beds in.
    Bloody well done Mr Wonfor.
  • Ooo get you, Mr Bond...

    Looking forward to your feedback on the amp. Good work getting it all up and running...:)
  • It lived a fun day dead tired now and James my leg is well swollen a painful bloody spider.

    Now I want a amp like that where did you get from ???
  • Epping in Essex :-h
  • OK how does it sound now? I miss the bass , and the minor earthquakes you had.  :((
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    This pic just in, taken early this morning of Sov's listening room...

  • Tried to have a listen about 11:30 last night but I was so tired I kept falling asleep, but frustrating; or maybe a sign of me age
  • This pic just in, taken early this morning of Sov's listening room...

    Sorry it was not me honest it was a small earthquake .
  • Here is the amp finished, all I need is a lid for it, I'm thinking tinted glass with an air gap
  • Wowzers!
  • I 've had a few decent opportunities to listen to my amp now since it was been finished and I can't fault it.
    The most obvious element of this amp is the large and musical presentation with lots of detail and loads of deep and controlled bass.  To keep describing it by highlighting its obvious attributes is like liking a car for it's looks really understanding its how it drives thats just as important.

  • Are you building two more to tri-amp?  :-\"
  • (Writing this in sections as it won't let me write to much without saying 'text box is full')
    I' m sitting in my home office listening to a bit of Stevie Wonder, what really grabs me right now it all the sheer palatability of the music, the detail is so very very real; the tone and timbre seems like nothing I have heard before.  Most top end amps sound brilliant and , well end.  But this sounds so real, so totally convincing, I don't know how else to describe it.  I am TOTALLY sold out on Colin's big class A amps, there is nothing like them.
    I'll definitely have to take this to Paul's Chews get together.
  • Are you building two more to tri-amp?  :-\"
    I would love to.  However I mentioned a few times that I would like to build two more of Colins class A amps so I could go active, at this stage my thoughts are that line of thinking is a bit arrogant, as hearing what I hear now, why would I need another two amps...
    Is there a humble pie emoticon ?
  • Absolutely love it James.
    Love the way it looks, how you describe the way it sounds and your enthusiasm in your description.
    I look forward to hearing the real thing at Paul's do...!
    I'll have to bring down my TOCA SECA to assess the difference. I need a rocket up my arse.
  • Are you building two more to tri-amp?  :-\"
    I would love to.  However I mentioned a few times that I would like to build two more of Colins class A amps so I could go active, at this stage my thoughts are that line of thinking is a bit arrogant, as hearing what I hear now, why would I need another two amps...
    Is there a humble pie emoticon ?
    OK. I was joking. But I may fantasise :-)
  • Well as I haven't sold the iridium, and if I build Collins DIY amp with the power supply boards I could effectively go active as it stands as I already have a digital crossover , I have a horn tweeter but I want to install a 15 inch mid driver so you never know; me being completely over the top kind of guy, give it six months and I might have a complete mother trucker system from mains right through to speakers :D
  • Looks good.......well done both of you.
  • OK how about a mini review James??
  • Can I do it for him?

    "The amplifier is really quite nice".
  • Yes please a Wiley write up would be good, cmon James.
    When analog ruled he he
  • Wiley is waiting...
  • OK how about a mini review James??

    I did above

    John - why can I not quote previous comments? I had to cut and paste Colins comment
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    Here is a funny one, I have just finished a day of solid work at my desk, as I was tying up a few emails I put my hifi on which is at 90 degrees to my left.  Turned it up good and comfortably loud, and I was immediately impressed with all the texture, the solidity of the sound and the beautifully controlled bass.
    After I was done, I turned to my left and saw only one speaker cable was plugged in!!!! plugged in the two speakers and almost blew me self to the back of the room, well thats what it felt like ;-)
    Truly incredible amp, people you have to hear this thing !
  • I would love  to I must make one any tips?
  • Do what Mr Colin ?
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    So nobody feel left out I posted this on another forum lurked by Sir Sovereign and me. OK we are traitors sorry Dave  :ar!

    Freq Response  5.0Hz = 200KHz Flat
    Freq Response 1.0Hz = 250KHz -3dB
    Phase change 20Hz - 20KHz 2deg
    Damping Factor 2000+
    Output 40W RMS Min 8R
    Output 61W RMS Min 4R
    Input 1.2V full output
    Distortion THD before clipping less than 0.01%
    Distortion THD on the verge of clipping less than 1%
    Input Impedance 10K @ 100pF
    Power consumption Static 200W/Channel
    Power consumption full output 310W/Channel

    Weight Bloody heavy.

    Colour Hammerite anon

    Favorite Music anything by Andreas VollenWeider

    Not so favourite sport Football

    Worse TV program ever "Deadender"

    Facecrap page SECA4EVER 

    Pinup Girl Joanna Lumley

    :\"> :\">
  • Here is a mini write up after I had Pinkman from TAS at Sovereign Towers.
    Well, Richard has just left, and for those who haven't met him he isn't really pink as his Avatar name suggests.
    Had a good time spinning tunes that we both knew and talking only when we had to  :)  We listened to a mixture of Sting, Santana, Christian Mcbride, David Midgen, Adele etc.

    Since I fried my LDR, don't ask, I have been using a TOCOS carbon pot to attenuate between my DIY DDDAC and the 40W SECA.  After fully settling into the groove of the evening Richard and I striped out the carbon pot and put in his mains powered Pip passive pre amp into the system; you can see it on top of the silver TQ Amp.  At first I thought we had lost something, then I soon realised that the Pip had pulled the sound together helping the bass integrate with the mid range and the treble and to present a more cohesive presentation, nice piece of kit there Richard. 
    After a bit more chit chat and a few more tracks Richard put the smart looking new Benchmark amp into the system in place of the SECA, as he said just about the size of a shoebox which we sat nicely on top of the Pip.  How did it sound? Well very good indeed! It gave us good separation, detail, drive, speed and a sense of air.  But we did loose the palatability of the SECA amp, the texture and the tone.  The Benchmark was brilliant, and I loved the tight punchy bass notes but you didn't get that big deep wallop of the SECA or the rich tones or the huge presentation presented by the SECA but the Benchmark is a very clever amp and not harsh or bright in any way at all. Horses for courses I guess.  One thought I had which I mentioned to Richard is that the broad and deep bass that the SECA gives really causes the speakers to pressurise the room leading me to think I absolutely must acousticaly treat the room, because the whole room kind of reverberates.  
    A good evening none the less.  One which we should do again before Richard emigrates to France, but lets see if we can get John and Steve to attend. image

  • Thanks Sov.
    Some differing design approaches in evidence, but with pleasing results all round by the sounds of things. Tho from what you describe the sounds of the amps (pres- and powers-) were distinct.
    Also, I see from the Benchmark website that one thing their amp seeks to do is avoid crossover distortion, without recourse to Class-A design.

    Will start collecting egg boxes for you...
  • Yes please mate, or rolls of £50 notes
  • No James Yuan Renminbi are better thicker paper. And more of them.
  • Perhaps someone could photoshop Colin's face on to each one....

  • Chairman Colin, if you will  [-X
  • Real money

  • Best.
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