Sovereign's New 40W SECA Class A



  • James have you got the case complete, where is Pics /?/
  • Colin
    Your timing is spot on. I received the tinted glass lid today and the same for the front. With the lid on it looks brilliant, and I held up the piece of glass for the front of the amp, and it all looks better than expected! I know the lid I will fix on with magnets, as for the front I'm not sure, being 6mm glass it is quite heavy, but I'll figure it out.
    I tried the amp with me Glenn Croft pre amp tonight. Well it gives a totally different musical presentation , very controlled more three-dimensional and the base is a lot tighter taking away the boom that I was struggling with
  • Well I said at the time wet string is not any good as a volume control.
  • ;-)
    Can't budge you just called my lash up wet string, that took me about 20 minutes of work
  • Marble is available in 6mm thickness, a kitchen company have been advertising, can't recall their name, old timers you see ;)
  • Granite transformations, thems the ones
  • edited September 2015
  • Here are a couple of up to date shots of my 40 W Wonfor Amp.  I have put bronzed glass on the front and top.  The top piece of glass is just sitting on rubber feet, but I have struggled for a long time as to know how to fit the front piece of glass, so I have used self adhesive velcro for now, a bit crude I know.  The front piece of glass can't be a permanent fixture as I need to be able to take it off if I wan't to get the boards out.  As I'm a bit of a tweaker I will want the boards out in the future, any ideas would be welcome.
    Now I have this complete, although there are a few little mods I want to make, I will get started on Colin's DIY amps.
  • Fantastic.
    The glass top is brilliant.
    How much additional pressure did that put on you to get the wiring perfect...? :)
  • Hence the lack of an Areil shot ;-)
    The wiring is good but there are some little bits which need improvement
  • That looks like a complete brute James!
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