Royd Revelation 1 (RR1) for sale

Hi all

My good friend is selling his RR1s, having moved to a smaller place he has gone active (A set of powered speakers with inbuilt DAC). His Magnum power amp and MDAC are gone already, all that is left are these beauties:


I've heard them many times, they really are close to the RR3, except for a slightly different tweeter. They are a 'Revelationed' version of the legendary Minstrel (which means they are faster, more weighty and textured, image like demons but harder to drive well).

He is after around £400 for them but given ebay fees etc he would entertain offers if they sell privately (£350 anyone?). They are listed on ebay here, so make an offer before the auction ends (perhaps send an ebay message and make contact personally).


  • Run. Don't hesitate.

    They'd be great on the end of a SECA (as well as anything with a bit of control/grunt/quality).
  • @alan. Can we close this thread, or are they still for sale?
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