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  • I am such a noob too Dave (I did scrape a pass in the "Noice Soldering" exam tho).
    Hoping to accumulate the courage to try this.
  • I talked to Colin about doing this because I'm finding it difficult to extract the nuggets from the existing thread and thought others might be similarly puzzled. 

    I want the build to be as easy as Colin believes it is, and I think Chews is a great place to pool this info.
  • Good Idea chaps, and Suzytoe (is that her real name?)
    Now that my big amp is finished, kind of.  I'll start the build of the smaller one, and post a few pictures.

  • Sorry for being stupid, how does this thread differ from Your help on how to build Colin's Baby SECA Amp Kit?
  • The other thread is for solid information.

    For example. You can buy a case from [link] for only £2.47.

    Such and such sells resistors in small quantities at a great price.

    Such and such is a bit tricky, but this pic shows how I used a sink plunger to get it in place.

    This thread is for exactly what you've used it for, James.

  • I'm more then happy to help anyone if I can.

    Soldering (or welding as I call it !) the bits on the pcb is the easiest part.

    Choosing case/heatsinks,drilling and tapping holes,layout etc takes more time.

    Nothing is difficult, but time and patience is needed, plus the love to make/build things.

  • Fantastic! Thanks Paul.

    Perhaps you could help by pasting some info about heatsinks and cases on the other thread, plus perhaps a list of tools I'd need to gather to assemble the kits?
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