Something for James and Paul

I found this whilst hunting for Germanium Transistors. AUDIO CATALOGUE.pdf


  • Wow that is kind of Retro
  • edited August 2015
    Thanks Colin!
    The Goodmans 18P in that download is the driver I use in my subwoofer. Delighted to see that in the table on page 6 the 18P is clearly shown to be suitable only for bass. Not organs, not guitars, just bass. They don't even bother indicating whether indoor or outdoor use is appropriate, or whether high or low power is recommended. It's simply about the bass! <:-P
    They're not wrong.
  • James I am retro. I am 62 this month and feeling every bit my real age of 15 he he. :D
  • Im away on Holiday tomorrow, Finally !!!! We will have to have a catchup when I get back.
  • Have great holiday, I am going to Somerset to bash a few things.
  • Just got back from there this morning. Lovely. :)
    If you need a half-way-house mug of coffee on your way there and/or back Col, you know where I am!
    James, where are you off to?
  • Frinton en Sea, Essex. We go there every year. Cheap as chips
  • Went there as a kid, then took mum a few weeks ago It rained all day.
  • Great link Col, thanks for posting it.

    Just back off hols myself...had 2 days where I wasn't ill!  :((
  • Not good.

    Where did you go?
  • I was in sunny France, not too far from Quimper in Southwest Brittany, Finistere Region.  Lovely part of the world.
  • Yes. I know it a bit.
  • Did you go and visit Stu at Hifi Pig he lives not far from there.

  • All good this side
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