Hello everyone

Hi there
I am a big fan of inca tech. I have just got a claymore 2. Was wondering what people throught of them many thanks


  • Hiya

    In think we have one or two Claymore nuts here ;-) Not me, unfortunately.

    What about the rest of your system?



  • Hi I have
    Nail sbl speakers
    Linn axis with rega rb300 arm
    Musical fidelity fcd
    Sansui tu719
    Inca tech claymore 2
  • Hi,
    I have a Claymore. Great little amp!
    I'm embarrassed to say I don't know / have forgotten the difference between a #1 and a #2... :-?
  • Yea I also have 2 of the claymore.
    The difference is its longer the balance knob is on the front and the claymore 2 is 100w and has 8 inputs.
  • The Claymore is 50W/ch the Claymore 2 is 100W/ch, and the very rare Claymore S is 50W the Sabre Mk1 very rare is 50W, Sabre Mk 2 is 30W, 

    And many more , I has a itchy pencil that year.
  • Ah I see. I'm try to get most inca tech things how rear is the claymore 2.
    I'd love a coloured claymore.
  • There's always the gold one...
  • There is a nickel fronted claymore on ebay that finishes today.
  • Welcome Justshoemark
    Is there a story behind your Avatar name ?
  • I love a gold one but so hard to find.
    I'd also love to hear a power amp inca tech done. Or may be a tocha would be nice to hear.
    Not really a story it's just my name. Justin Shoemark.
  • Are you the  Justin Shoemark that lives in Yeovilton if so we have met.
    How are you friends in Langport?
  • Hi I live in Wiltshire near stonehedge. So that may be someone different.
  • OK cool strange small world.
  • @justshoemark There's always one of Colin's new SECA kits if you want to go down the Class A route.
  • Justin,
    I don't know think Colin put out any power amps with an Inca Tech badge... I may be wrong.
    Mr. Wonfor did put out the ID20 power amp through "Inca Designs", which IIRC was just post-Inca Tech...
    And yes, a TOCA is definitely worth hearing. I hope to get one of Colin's new kits up and running in the not too distant future and am keen to hear how it compares to my current resident TOCA 20 SECA amp.
    If you're ever passing by Gloucester you'd be welcome to pop in for a cup of tea.
  • Ok that sounds like a good offer.
    How much dose a toca cost these days.
    And what pre amp would you suggest to go with it.
  • Ben,

    Inca Tech

    ID25, ID50, ID75, IT50, IT100,IT200, MSB for inca tech power amps
    Claymore, Claymore S, Claymore 2, Sabre 1, Sabre 2,Quatra a 4 channel amp
    IP1, IPD1 pre amps
    FMT tuner
    15A,13A,5A Gold Plated plugs, single socket, double socket, IEC, US and Australian plugs All Europe plugs and sockets.


    20W,50W,100W,200W,300W A class
    TOCA Pre
    Integrated 70W/ch
    Pre Amp
    Power Amp

    Pre amps two off
    MF125, MF250,MF100, all are based on my work
    Magnum integrated artwork stolen by Magnum 2 off and the A Class Integrated 

    ProAC Magnum Bi and Tri Amps

    MIH 1000W Mono

    Elsdon Wonfor 200W and 300W Dreadnoughts

    Oberon Inca Tech Design 2 types

    To many now to recall I have been busy in the last 40+ years.

    And not forgetting all the TQ stuff and the commercial kit and the space and MIL stuff, and all the reinvention of old mixing desks guitar amps and designs. And LED lighting Solar, Radio PSU SMPSU  and working for Tesco (a simple job nice). I may be back there soon. 

  • Don't forget the Sovereign Mother Trucker!
  • Dose any one no much about the oberon my dad has one with a think black front plate.
  • @sovereign For that matter, there's the Green Goddess and Alan's monoblocks with the IGBTs (or whatever they are).
  • Hey go back to your holiday, love the PIC on FC.

    Justin read above.

  • @justshoemark Mr 14 will know everything there is to know, I'd say ;-)
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    So the ID25 that I have is an Inca Tech product?
    My goof. I assumed "Inca Designs" was a different company to "Inca Tech".

    Justin, others (Sov) are probably better placed re pre-amps. I haven't used a pre-amp for a few years. My PC soundcard plugs straight into the TOCA and I use the digital volume control in JRiver media centre.
  • Oh OK that's OK. Best get looking for a toca
  • Cheers Colin. About to go on the bumper cars on the Walton Pier. If you do manage to go the the Backeoff at Paul's place you could jump in the Sovereign-o-bile
  • So people how much would a toca cost these days.
  • The origial TOCAs are only available second hand these days. They do come up from time to time. Given that I think there were only 15 - 20 made, surprisingly frequently.
    I bought mt TOCA SECA 20W from Quickie that he had refurbed. I paid £1350. Which I regard to very good value compared to other similarly priced amps I've owned.
    I've seen a couple of other TOCA 20s come up for sale. Mark who posts here put his up for sale a month or so ago here. It had a fault but I think Quickie sorted that out a couple of week ago. It appears to be not available now, but I don't know if Mark sold it or whether he decided to keep it once Quickie mended it...
    The was onle available on the Wam a couple of years back...here. That one was being offered at cheaper than I paid, but I don't know what sort of nick it was in.
    I have never seen any of the larger units for sale. I think Colin is still in touch with the guy who purchased the large fridge-freezer sized TOCA.

    It may be worth considering one of Colin's new SECA kits. I've just ordered one of the ready-made PCB board versions for £200 for the pair (one per channel). Add to that case, heatsinks, toroid transformer and you'll probably have one of the best value amplifiers in existance today. =D>

    I don't know how Colin's new kits compare with the TOCAs, but I will soon find out!
     I'm still working on Marks amp (initially thought it was fixed but not to be)

     I can get PCB's for the TOCA if you want one built, but they won't be cheap and would take me a while to build, so probably better off with one of Colins PCB's which are a bargain at £100 each ready built and tested.
  • Oh I see that sounds good. Your will have to tell me the difference between the toca and the kit seca.
    I'm not a man who can build amps up wish I could learn. Id need one made up in full.
  • Paul, have you built the power boards for Colin's DIY amp, I'd love to know the difference they make
  • They are 90 % done

    Short of cash and time at the moment i'm afraid.
  • I was going to tell you to pull your finger out but then I haven't even started the DIY build
     Lazy git :)
      I will probably do the mk2 mods to the existing baby amp I built first, as I have the parts here, or I might just sell it as is to raise some cash for the PS version.......
  • Oh I see. So how much dose one amp cost to make altogether.
    Also what do you use with a toca or seca?
    What speakers are people using.

    Do you guys use a mains filter?
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    I have just ordered parts to do Ben's PCB's I do have some spare at cost if you msg me I can tell you what I hope I will have from FEC
  • Justin,
    I use some 1973 Goodmans Goodwoods which have been overhauled and supercharged by Paul at RFC. I've got a bit hooked on old 3 way speakers speakers with large bass drivers (they work well with the extended tuneful bass of a SECA!), though I have found that I prefer them when their tweeters are replaced with modern units.
    Mains filters... I tried some Isotek ones but didn't find they did much. I've found more dramatic change, and improvement, with mains regenerators (eg AG1500) and more recently balanced power supplies (as built for me by Sovereign).
    The one sort of filter I have found that works in my current setup is a simple DC filter. I introduced this to elimiate occasional mechanical hum from the large toroid in the balanced power supply (which it did), but once fitted, I was sure it improved the sound of my system too (no idea how). There's a thread on that somewhere...
  • Only a Mother Trucker Balanced Power Suply or MTBPS for me
  • I use large open baffles to great effect but I have just bought a pair of active Linkwitz Orions. I need more amps so I better get building
  • And just to prove there's no rhyme or reason to the speakers we use, my little 12 watt Green Goddess runs into a pair of fairly insensitive Royd RR3s two-way stand-mounts.
  • @sovereign Are you building the Orions or adding amps to already built ones?
  • Hi Dave. The Orions are already built as is the xover. I just need to build a couple more amps
  • Cool.

    Have you heard them before?
  • Hi Justin, missed this thread last week as I was on my happy holidays. i have a (long term loan) Claymore, which makes me smile all the time. I love its compactness and 80s style. Though you're safe from envy, as mine is not fancy colours or shining gold.
    Currently using Wharfdale 3 way speakers. 
  • @ Dave, no have you ?
  • Hi Mark

    I haven't an Inca Tech but I was privileged to listen to Colin's modern Claymore. It was a compelling amplifier with more drive than anything else I've heard, especially the one off 'super Claymore'.

    Colin's newest reworking of the Claymore (in his other thread) is, according to him, better again!

    I'd love to find an old Inca Tech Oberon or Sabre, just because of their rarity.
  • The Oberon were built in Somerset, the thick front one were for export and only two were ever made.
    The standard Oberon was copied by Magnum but he did not copy them correctly he cheapen the parts, and they sounded weak.
    I want a Gold one for me, must raid Milan Italy has there is one there in shop window, and has been for over 30yrs now.
    Suzy, I have to go to Manchester soon I hope to collect one of everything I have ever made from the Mike Banski museum there.
    Can't wait to see the Huge MSB he has only 800W/ch/8R 1600W/4R and a low 3000W/2R. it should drive dave tiny speaker well better than the Green (Hammerite) Goddess that was supposed to be Black, I am so blind to colours, I suspect it a stage of getting old.
  • Just a little test here for Colin...

    Also, who is Mike Banski? And, why has he got all your stuff...?
  • One of all you have ever made, are you hiring an artic lorry???
  • @sovereign. No, I haven't. Sorry James :-(
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