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Well, because I'm on my looong summer break, I have had time to be messing around with my turntable a wee bit.Now, I'm on this site because I DON'T know hi-fi stuff, rather than because I do! But am happy to reveal my ignorance in sharing with you how delighted I am by the adjustment of the tracking force on my rather budget Project debut tt. Wow! I've never been brave enough to play around with this before, but increasing the force has really reduced distortion, esp on higher range vocals (is that feasible?). The manufacturer recommends 1.75g, and I've taken it to 2g. Am I likely to cause any damage by doing this?


  • No.
    Also, as I recall that gague overestimates the force, so it may be that when it reads 2g, it's actually closer to 1.75!
  • Thanks for the reassurance. Im so pleased to have got some confidence with this. Until today, I thought someone had just lent me a load of dusty lps  :))
    I have been trying out the record clamp too. Overall I cant say that I'm noticing much difference apart from with some of my ancient, slightly warped lps. However, I'm going to keep using it I think because there is something wonderfully satisfying in the added ritual :D
    Ok. Now for my next question: best way to keep the needle clean please.
  • Nail polish remover on a tiny brush
  • excellent. That I can easily arrange :-)
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    Sorry Suzy.
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