Snap, Crackle & Pop

Curiosity got the better of me.  Sadly my remote controls don't work with this.  You have to walk over to it to change sides....what a pain!



  • What is it ?
  • It 'sa device for spinning pizza's so the cheese spreads well, some old audio files also used them to spin MP1 discs, with Googleplex storage. 
  • It's a liquorice catherine wheel maker.  The wheel in the pic is nearing completion  ;)
  • Really? Has it got a USB connection ?
  • Yes, that where the liquorice gets fed in - asynchronously of course  :-B
  • What a strange thing.

    Is it gas-driven?
  • Only if I've had Guinness.
  • My whole system must be gas-driven!  :-B  8-}  O:-)
  • It is very, very pretty. I hope it sounds nearly as tasty as it looks.
  • Close to a carbon copy of my set up James except the arm!  Nice one, good find.
  • Thanks Paul. I knew it was the right decision to press ahead with bringing it back to life after hearing your 401. You won't like the AN cart though ;)
  • Looks beautifully stylish.(they really knew how to make liquorice catherine wheels in them olden days).

    Tell us what is sounds like! (how close to Paul's 401 for example?)

    How much resurrecting did it take?
  • How does it compare to your DIY DAC james ?
  • It'd sound even better with an NVA Phono 2 I saw for sale somewhere :-D 

  • Interesting comparison with my DAC James. The DAC betters the turntable for outright resolution (as you'd expect) and has better bass. It doesn't look half as cool though.

    Suzy - it hadn't been used for a number of years but was still working (just). As I hope to keep it for a while I had it restored to what looks like as new condition. Lots of parts that suffer wear during use were replaced and the motor was stripped down then rebuilt. The chassis was acid stripped, primed and refinished. Looks fab. I bought it as much for the way it looked having only heard one briefly at Paul's.
  • Really interesting.
    Ive never had a TT in my system, ever.  Glad I don't need to 
  • "has better bass. It doesn't look half as cool though."

    Bass v cool aesthetics...Eek!

    I'm loving the generality of "lots of parts" there. You've absolutely pitched that at the level of my technical knowledge ;-D
    I had a bit of a browse online at some reconditioned 401s. I do like the way they allow for personal expression. I think you've made a great move restoring this one 

    Can't imagine my system without the rituals and visceral sounds of a TT.   
  • Which turntable do you use Suzy?

    'Lots of parts' is at the edge of my technical knowledge as well :D
  • Nothing exciting or beautiful, a Project Debut. As I'm typing this Dylan is whining "It's's's alright" as he spins on that TT, which about sums it up :-)  
    edited September 2015
    Sov said:
    Really interesting.
    Ive never had a TT in my system, ever.  Glad I don't need to 

    Ah, but that's just because you don't yet KNOW that you need one :D

    Come the November bake off, I'll introduce you to a few turntables and we'll see whether you can resist for long. There's nothing romantic about plugging in a chinese made injection moulded plastic box to an amp and sending lots of "0"'s and "1"s to an amp.  Analogue breathes man!  (was it John Peel that said...) Vinyl may have surface noise, but LIFE has surface noise!
  • Nah. Just nah! :-)
  • Philistine

    :D >:)
  • Phyllis who?  8-}
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