Inca Design Katana CD player

Was this anything to do with Colin?
Like my Inca Design ID25 amp?
Was in a friend's house recently and he had an old Katana. Had forgotten it was Inca Design, and then I felt confused.


  • It's probably a digital lie :-D
  • Hi Ben,

    It was a CD that I breathed on but the company that used my skills and name never paid me royalties so it was stopped .
    Later the directors of that company split up and one started Iso-Tek  which was I believed based on designs from Nic Poulson of Trilogy a old friend on mine.

    Keith that now runs Iso-Tek has become a close associate, and I have enjoyed his  polite and pleasant company when we meet.

    So I hope that answers your mind, are you home now???? Parcel can it leave my workshop please, 200 SECA Built PCB are taking up to much room, I can't watch Star Trek in there now.


  • Yes it does answer things. Thank you.
    (...I noticed that when my friend opened the tray to insert a CD a faint whiff of coffee escaped from inside the Katana's case...)
    And yes. I am at home now. Feel at liberty to free-up some elbow room.
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